Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Evolution of Consciousness

Every creature on the planet is an emanation from the one and only source of all life and cause of the universe. In us the divine element may not yet be nearly so prominent as in the case of holy ones, but still it is a question only of degree. In a great man or woman the divine or super-human element manifests itself oftener, more clearly and to better purpose than in the case of a comparatively less developed individual. That is why people speak sometimes of the evolution of souls. Some souls are developed more than others on a higher plane…and it is possible for us to hear more often the note of divinity than in the case of other people not so fortunate or so far advanced in evolution of consciousness.

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poetellect said...

Very good point, to which I agree. I feel that we are all capable- through inner work- of reaching and extending and developing our consciousness, and, as Thomas Merton would say, it is always through grace and contact with mentors and spiritual works- that we realize that reaching upward toward the beyond is reaching inward toward love's simplicity.